New Stills From the 1926
Goldkette Film

The premiere of the restored film of the Jean Goldkette Orchestra in its 1926 eastern tour took place on June 6 in Bix's house on June 6, 2004. Hans Eekhoff, the initiator and driving force (personally and economically) behind the project, borrowed the restored film from Steve Teeter, curator of the Jazz Museum in New Orleans, and had copies made of three frames from the film. These are new pictures and are presented here, today, June 16, 2004, for the first time ever.

Image 1 - Bix with fellow in monkey suit
Image 2 - Brown, Bix and Murray leaving the building
Image 3 - Rank with the snake around his trombone, Spiegle and Tram in background looking worried!

I am immensely grateful to Hans Eekhoff for sending me the scans of the film frames and for his kind permission to present them in the Bixography website. June 16, 2004

Stills from the bootleg copy.

Stillboot0. Bix on the left. To the right of and slightly behind Bix, Don Murray. Behind Murray, Fuzzy Farrar
Stillboot1. Murray on the left (carrying case with left arm. Note the bow tie.) To the right and behind, Fuzzy Farrar. Note moustache.

Proof of Flash. The following is a sequence of frames as the flash just begins.
Before flash.
Flash in Progress.
Flash Almost at Its Brightest