2005 Bix Festival

River Music Experience
1. Benny Goodman and Jelly Roll Morton Poster
2. Entrance to Second Floor: Bix Images
3. Bix and Tram Columbia Album, Wall Size
4. Replica of Capitol Steamboat
5. Louis Armstrong and Kid Ory Posters

Photos of  People Who Attended the Festival
1. Trumpet Section of Josh Duffee Orchestra. Frank van Nus at far left.
2. Tom Pletcher Playing with Spats Langham and His Rhythm Boys. From left to right: Norman Field,
Spats, Tom, Frans Sjostrom, Paul Munnery.
3. Randy Sandke Playing Bix's Bach 620 Cornet with Josh Duffee's Orchestra.
4. Rich Johnson Receiving Jean Goldkette Award. Standing from left to right: Alann Krivor (grandnephew of Jean Goldkette), Rich, Rickey Bauchelle (daughter of Doc Ryker), Josh Duffee.
5. Forumites Sue and Norman.

Photos from Flemming Thorbye.
Flemming is a devoted Bixophile from Denmark who attends the Festival in Davenport almost every year. He kindly sent the following photographs.
1. Rich Johnson Accepting Goldkette Award.
2. Spats Langham and His Rhythm Boys at LeClaire Park. From lest to right: Jeff Barnhart, piano; Norman Field, clarinet; Spats Langham, banjo; Nick Ward, drums; Mike Durham, cornet; Frans Sjostrom, bass sax; Pul Munnery, trombone.
3. Bix Bust at LeClaire Park.
4. Flemming and His Spouse in Antique Car on the way to Oakdale Cemetery.